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Our home bred baby Styla wins Runner up Best in Specialty Show under Judge Mr W. F. Potter II (USA) at the ASTCQ Specialty 2010.

 Our very special boy Natey wins 2nd overall in the weight pull competition, pulling 13.56 times his body weight at the AMSHSCQ Inc 2013.

 Welcome to our home on the web of our Beautiful American Staffordshire Terriers.

I started out  in this beautiful breed when my sister gave me her Beautiful Amstaf Asha in 2003, after owing many wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terriers, then unfortunately Asha was hit by a car, She was the best dog I had ever owned and my passion for American Staffordshire Terriers began, we became hooked on this wonderful breed, we purchased another and they have been a major part of our lives ever since and have added many more to our adventure, within this wonderful breed.

I enjoy showing all my dogs in conformation and have extended my venture into other fields, my main focus is in conformation and working with my dogs to bring out the best in them so they live very healthy happy lives and are a huge part of our family, all our dogs have the luxury life style, having full run of the house and their large acreage to run free as they please, along with their very own lounge they sleep on.

With my research and travelling to USA to extend my journey with in the breed and the many wonderful people I have met on that way and learned so much from I hope to improve this wonderful breed and would like to thank all my wonderful friends I have made on my journey for entrusting relationships and guidance that they have given to me, I couldn't do without you all, thank you.

Here at Tredanky Stafs we will only breed from health tested dogs eg Hips, Elbows, Hearts & Ataxia tested to ensure we produce long living healthy best friends. Although we will not breed often, as only the best of specimens will be used in our breeding program and for see only our breeding program continue, so breeding quality is my fore most important ethic of our kennel.

At Tredanky Stafs we believe in Versatility, within the lines we have chosen to base our kennel on, the Versatility of our Stafs shine of true form to function in every way possible with in moderation. 

A true American Staffordshire Terrier is intelligent, outstandingly amenable to training and discipline, and adaptable to almost any conditions, should be keenly alive to his surroundings, must always display courage and confidence to a marked degree.
He should absolutely never appear aggressive toward humans. They are not a guarding breed by nature, and trust most people to be their friends, confident in these relationships. They develop strong bonds with humans and are eager to please them, thanks to their working background. They are not a solitary dog, preferring the company of humans. They are not subservient of fawning, but confident and friendly in dealings with humans.

     The ideal American Staffordshire Terrrier must always appear confident and friendly with humans. Absolutely no consideration should be given to an exhibit that appears aggressive, threatening, or shy toward humans. These are completely incorrect for the breed and are inexcusable.

Brisbane, Australia. 
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